Arterial Mainstreets for People

On Friday I participated in a workshop called Designing for all in Arterial Road Activity Centres. It was part of the AITPM (Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management) national conference.

So, how do we have successful shopping and social streets that are also busy roads? My short presentation was about urban design and public realm issues, and I called it Arterial Mainstreets for People.


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    Caboolture West Masterplan

    The Caboolture West Masterplan which I worked on last year went on public display on Friday, as part of Moreton Bay Council’s new regional planning scheme. Well done to the hard working council planning scheme team! Cab West is an urban extension to the town of Caboolture. It is designed to be home one day to up to 70,000 people, with room for 20,000 jobs. There’s a new town centre too. Fun to design.  Challenging too.  The council have prepared a handy summary document, and my urban design rationale report can be downloaded too. I’ll try a longer post about some of the design features sometime…

    Illustrative masterplan for Caboolture West
    Illustrative masterplan for Caboolture West by MMcK
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      Adelaide first impressions #2

      Far too late now for first impressions. These ones were already in my notes.

      1. Gardening. Watching the garden grow and eating the leaves. Not bad work for a few growing weeks. Must be that ‘reactive’ soil. Getting to know a petrol lawnmower too.
      2. Slow starts. Everything starts later here. Works, shops, daylight. I’ve been refused service in a café post-cycle for getting there too early!
      3. Parkside is an inner suburb just south of the parklands, where we now live. It’s all solid, distinguished looking bungalows and older narrow stone cottages. ‘Single’ and ‘double’ fronters as they call them. The streets are quiet – where are all the joggers/passers by?…we are only 2km from the city!. But busy arterial roads bisect the quiet suburbs bringing workers from southern suburbs. My easy walk to work interrupted by tricky crossings of Fullarton and Glen Osmond Roads. There’s a crazy two and a half lane each way design on the busy roads too.
      4. First impressions of the Adelaide bungalow. A single storey brick house, low to the ground and with stone dressing and a deep verandah at the gabled front, for appearances. An ornamental front garden and a wicker fence too.   Big back yard with lemon or even a fig and olive tree sometimes and a rainwater tank. And a locally made Hills Hoist, of course.
      Welcome to the bungalow belt
      Welcome to the bungalow belt
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        Dark Pink: Planning Adelaide’s Medium Density Future – What can SA learn from Qld?

        On Wednesday 11 June 2014 I was a speaker at PIA South Australia’s seminar ‘Expanding at the Middle: Planning Adelaide’s Medium-Density Future’.  As the new boy in town, my task was to reflect on a decade of experience in Queensland.  What works?  What doesn’t? What are the similarities and differences between the states?  In fact there’s a lot about housing that Adelaide has taught Australia in the past.  And may well continue to do so in the future.  Click through to Sideshare to read the notes that go with each page.



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